Notice Of Job Opening 
Position Title: Graphics / Fashion Designer
Brief Description of Job Duties: Develop graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, brochures, advertising, and Web sites. Create designs, concepts, and sample layouts, based on knowledge of layout principles and esthetic design concepts. Use Adobe Photoshop to generate new images. Prepare illustrations or rough sketches of material, using Adobe Illustrator, discussing them with management and making necessary changes. For a sister company, design clothing for skirts, dresses, handbags, blouses, and hats. Create original designs or adapt fashion trends. Using CLO 3D, design clothing, based on the customer’s request or upon the ideas of the business about what will sell. Examine sample garments, modifying designs to achieve desired effects. Sketch rough and detailed drawings of apparel, using Adobe Illustrator and CLO 3D. Write specifications such as color schemes, construction, material types, and accessory requirements. Adapt other designers' ideas for the mass market. Show examples of the proposed image and/or expressions to the customer. Make alterations as requested. Review garment for conformity to design and for artistic merit. Draw patterns for articles designed, cut patterns, and cut material according to patterns, using measuring instruments and scissors. Sew together sections of material to form mockups or samples of garments or articles, using sewing equipment.
Name of Employer: Bos Transport LLC
Place of Employment: Miami, Florida
How to Apply: Mail resumes to Bos Transport LLC, 5680 NW 32 Ave., Miami, FL 33142, Attn: Ozan. Refer to Ad#FE.