Reliable Intermodal Shipping 

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We offer multi-modal freight transport, such as truck and rail, to move your goods over longer distances.
  • BOS Global Logistics

    Lower Transportation Costs

    We offer intermodal container services and create a plan for your intermodal freight that lower your transportation costs in the most efficient way!

  • BOS Global Logistics

    Reduced Cargo Handling

    Intermodal transportation minimizes cargo handling and enables freights to be transported faster.

We Offer Intermodal Services

From the beginning to the end of your intermodal shipment, we provide all necessary logistics services you need. While integrating rail and road into a single supply chain, we use our logistics experience and network in the best way.
  • Large carrier network

  • Access to major US rail ramps and ports

  • Certified hazardous materials handling

Let's take a look at how intermodal works



Your products are loaded into an intermodal container on a chassis



Our trucker transports the container to an intermodal ramp (usually a short distance)



Once it reaches the intermodal ramp, the container is lifted off the chassis, then placed on a flat or well car to travel by train



The container is then transferred back to a truck for final delivery

Benefits of Intermodal Shipping  

Lower Cost

Low energy usage and reduced costs make intermodal rates significantly cheaper than trucking.

Benefits of Intermodal Shipping  

Environmentally Friendly

Intermodal container transportation produces less carbon dioxide per 100 ton-miles than trucking. We are proud to be environmentally friendly by going intermodal.

Benefits of Intermodal Shipping  

Reliability, Capacity & Safety Advantages

The constant monitoring of railways and the large capacity of trains allow us to handle your logistical operations in the best way, especially in peak seasons.

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