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in Miami, Florida

We’re dedicated to the delivery of full and partial container load 
within the state of Florida. 
  • BOS Global Logistics

    Container Services

    Our service area covers Port of Miami and Port Everglades. We are always here to simplify your logistics needs!

  • BOS Global Logistics

    Special Equipment and International Standards

    With the container drayage services we offer, your containers will always be in the right destination on time. Our strong capability in terms of national drayage port services allows us to serve you with the special equipment and the international standards.

Our Drayage Services

Our large scale of drayage services provides specific container solutions that exceed the requirement of our customers' shipments. These services cover all the needs for drayage transportation and will be handled in the best way.
  • Live Load & Unload

  • Pre-Pull

  • Drop-Off

  • Last Free Day Capacity

  • Damaged Container Transport

  • Escort Deliveries

Our Services

Live Load & Unload

With live load, our truck driver is waiting to move after the loading of your container is completed. 
With live unload, our truck driver is waiting to move after the unloading of your container is completed.

Our Services


With pre-pull, our truck driver picks up your container from Port of Miami or Port Everglades and we store your load at the trucker's yard. Pre-pull is especially significant to prevent any demurrage fees.

Our Services


With drop-off, our truck driver drops off the container at the warehouse and then picks up an empty container before leaving. Drayage service can be completed within a single work shift, and tend not to extend beyond the immediate metropolitan area.

Our Services

Last Free Day Capacity

The Last Free Day is the last day of a period of free storage time in which the shipment can be picked up without paying demurrage. 
We offer a last free day capacity when requesting at least 1 day in advance.

Our Services

Damaged Container Transport

We also offer the transportation of your damaged containers upon request. We are always here to meet your logistics requests including damaged container transport.

Our Services

Escort Deliveries

BOS Global Logistics makes your escort deliveries safer. We always ensure the safety of the equipment you need to ship. 
Our carriers operate with the utmost precautions. Safety is our first priority.

Our facility benefits include

BOS Global Logistics provides storage services with its 50,000 sq ft of warehouse space and 43,560 sq ft of yard space that are conveniently located just minutes away from the Port of Miami, Miami International Airport (MIA), and the Florida East Coast railway (FEC). 
Our facility benefits include:
  • Yard Stop

  • Yard Storage

  • 24 Hour Secure and Gated Storage

We also have

Bonded Carrier Certification

As a certified Bonded carrier, our truck drivers are fully qualified to carry duty-unpaid goods by customs.

Hazmat Certification

As a certified Hazmat carrier, our truck drivers are fully qualified for the shipment of chemicals and dangerous goods and handle each shipment accordingly.

Overweight Permitting

Our oversize permit enables us to dray, transload and deliver your heavy containers to its drop off location properly.

Special Equipment

BOS Global Logistics handles all types and size of containers with the special equipment for every logistics service.

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