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Is shipper-carrier alignment possible to achieve? Good shipper – carrier alignment is seen as one of the most crucial factors in the successful completion of every shipment. This is actually not a secret and this fact is known widely, both by shippers as well as trucking companies in Miami, Florida.

For shippers, the weights of the present transportation condition are mounting and not getting any simpler to oversee. For carriers, fluctuating fuel costs, driver deficiencies, and bearers that suddenly leave business are significantly disadvantageous. These would all be able to negatively affect a shipper’s capacity to get the correct loads to the correct clients within a certain time allotment. Thus, the relation among shippers and carriers needs to be especially solid and described by great correspondence and successful joint effort.

Secret to Shipper-Carrier Alignment 

A good shipper-carrier alignment doesn’t simply occur without any forethought. It requires some investment. At BOS Global Logistics, we’ve put our greatest efforts into minimizing expenses and eliminating time-consuming aspects shippers may face. Our more than 15+ years of experience in trucking allows us to handle shipments in the best way.

Efficiency for Supply Chains 

Together, shipper and carrier can drive efficiencies through infrastructure and innovation. It’s not just about “Did the load arrive on schedule?” It’s also about finding a way to ensure that client needs are perfectly met. We keep this essential information in mind and putting it at the heart of business drive anticipating models. Thus, we invest a ton of energy refining and sharpening to be a bridge between our shippers and their clients. Since we know unique challenges a shipper can face, we always provide a smooth delivery process. We have all the necessary infrastructure to provide it.

Power of Shipper-Carrier Alignment

Alignment with shippers permits them to do a great deal with their clients. As a carrier, especially if you are 3PL provider, you can have a unique association with many third-party contributors outside of your business, to serve your shippers in a better and efficient way. Any logistics company in Miami, Florida can utilize the same power of shipper-carrier alignment. When a shipping company is clear on what they need, what a good trucking company should do is to provide the ideal blend of trucking services for them.

End-to-End Visibility in Transportation 

It’s tied in with how well a trucking company can follow up on the shipping process and how regular update their customers on this progress. Having a good dispatcher team and having touch points on the cargo and with the trucker from the pick-up location to the drop-off location are of primary importance. Those touch points provide significant levels of visibility during the whole shipment process.

Challenges for Good Shipper – Carrier Alignment 

Any carrier in the US, such as any Trucking Company in Miami, Florida, is likely to face big challenges. To prevent them from happening, these companies should set clear goals with their shippers. Also, they should invest in technology to track their shipment and work on how to improve their supply chain efficiency.

Visibility is a strong concept to invest and re-invest a great deal of energy in shipping. This permeability is undeniably something other than telling shippers when their bundles will show up; it’s about a total vision of what’s happening consistently by benefiting from the latest technology and innovation.


Let's Discover Logistics

3PL stands for Third Party Logistics and 3PL in Florida refers to a service that allows you to outsource your logistics from the warehouse to all your delivery places, and enable you to focus more on your business rather than worrying about your logistics.

3PL in Florida provides you a number of facilities that are linked with Logistics of the supply chain. The service includes but not limited to; transportation, warehousing, picking, packing, packaging, and inventory management. Are you wondering if your business in Florida needs third party logistics? Read the Pros and Cons below!

Benefits of using 3PL Providers in Florida

Third Party Logistics providers offer you a lot of advantages. The biggest advantage is that you can hand over your logistics completely to a reliable 3PL provider in Florida and focus more on your business sales, marketing, and product development. We are breaking down the top-notch benefits of using 3PL services for your business.

  • Cost Reduction
  • Scaling up and down as needed
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Test new markets
  • Mitigate Risk

Cost Reduction with 3PL in Florida

With 3PL, you can negotiate the prices and if you’ve got large-scale logistical needs, then you’re going to enjoy outstanding discounts for the service. Using 3PL in Florida to manage all your logistics or some part of your supply chain also allows you to invest in other key departments of your business to grow and develop your business.

Scaling up and down as needed with 3PL in Florida

There’s no doubt that every single business faces some fluctuation in sales throughout the year. By working with a trusted 3PL provider in Florida, you can manage your peaks and troughs more effectively than any other logistics service providers.

Better Customer Experience 

Every business wants to ship their cargo to the destination within one day or two to maintain their business standards. With 3PL, you can ship your load to any place without any problem because your 3PL provider allows you to deliver your shipment faster than any other service in Florida. You can say thanks to the widespread network of 3PL.

Test New Markets 

With an international 3PL service, you don’t have to worry about testing the water of a new market. With 3PL in the market, you don’t have to worry about warehousing space and staff because third party logistics is already handling this for you.

Mitigate Risk with 3PL in Florida

Shipping delay can happen and for many reasons, but with 3PL in Florida, the service providers are responsible for making alternative arrangements to fulfill the requirements of your order as soon as possible. You’ll also be protected if you’ve faced any event of damage or loss of goods.

So, these are the mainstream advantages that you’re going to enjoy when going for the 3PL in Florida. Want to know the cons as well? Scroll down to read now!

Cons of using 3PL in Florida

Every single business in the world has cons and you’ve to look at the darker side of everything in order to know more about it. There are a few drawbacks that 3PL has because this service isn’t for every business. So, let’s get started with the cons as well:

You have less control over your delivery

Yes, it’s true that you’ve less control over your delivery because if in case there are delays or problems in shipping the customer’s shipment, then the customer will contact you for resolving the problem not the 3PL provider.

It’s a big investment

Honestly, 3PL is for the middle to big range businesses because when going for the 3PL, you’re paying for the long run. Even the initial payment costs you a lot and if you have a small business, then we will not recommend you going for 3PL. If you don’t need big warehouses and you don’t have many shipments to move, then going for 3PL is a waste of money.

Distance between you and your product

The location of your warehouse may be far away from you when you choose a 3PL service, which would be inconvenient for you if you want to run into quality control issues or need to check your stock for any reason.

BOS Global Logistics is a leader 3PL company in Florida with more than 15 years of experience in transportation. If you need a reliable and trusted 3PL provider in Florida, we would like to help you!

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