Merging Trucking and Technology

Merging Trucking and Technology

Most people would not except to see the words “trucking” and “technology” used in the same sentence. They would find even more unlikely that these two things have merged and are taking the transportation industry into a new direction.

With the invention of the automobile in the 20th century, the trucking industry developed and went on to shape the economic history of the U.S. Once interstate highways were constructed, major cities became linked and the rest is history.

Today, transportation is a multibillion dollar industry. But it remains exceedingly inefficient. To have a competitive edge, a company needs to “think out of the box” as they say. At the BOS Group, we understand the need for innovation and fearlessly embrace technology as an important partner in advancing our objectives.

To this end, we started Quickload, a logistics platform that is redefining cargo shipping by being a unified platform. We’ve moved from working with an antiquated system to one that is efficient, cost-effective, and practical. To put it simply: We are to trucking what Uber or Lyft are to driving. Instead of moving people…we move freight.

We realized that trucks usually drop off cargo and then return empty. But we imagined that they could pick up an extra load on the way back and make more money in the process. Our Quickload app allows customers to do just that. They can log on and see what cargo in the area needs to be transported on their way back home and then they can move it for a fee. We take a 10–15 percent fee. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Our goal is not only to be the platform of choice for shippers, but to be the on-demand freight service used by all U.S. trucking companies. We aim to empower truck drivers and trucking companies to grow their business.

So far our customers have been extremely pleased with our product and we are excited to be the first in Florida to bring a container-service solution to customers.

Content Creator: Yeleny Suárez